Thursday, February 5, 2015

SIMO BLOWER, High Pressure Centrifugal Fan’s Expert!

Here is the finished product warehouse. As we are seeing is one high pressure centrifugal fan, which use the coupling driven type. This fans are mainly used in cement production, dust collector system, industrial boiler system and others industrial systems.  This fan is one boiler forced draft fan . It is included casing group, rotor group, driving group, electric motor and system base.

This part is the fan’s casing group.
By the way, we can add the pipe reducer in the inlet and outlet, which can applicable to different sizes of the pipe systems.
We add the protective screen for the safety.

Now we see is the core art of the centrifugal fan--impeller. SIMO’s high pressure fan adopt the forward blades. Normally, we use the High strength low alloy steel, also can select the stainless steel or other special steels according to the working conditions.

SIMO Blower’s Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, meet the AMCA standard. ensuring stable running of fan.

All of the SIMO blower’s welding lines are with external weld, can avoid reduce the structure strength caused by wear and corrosion of the casing inside.

We add ribs on the surface of the case to improve the casing’s structure strength.

Sealing board at joint of casing and main shaft, can prevent gas leakage.

Here is the motor, SIMO Blower will select the motor according to the site condition. Such as the high temperature motor, high altitude motor, explosion-proof motor, variable frequency motor. Of course, can by customer’s requirement. This is the China brand variable frequency motor.

Now we seeing is the fan’s driving group, included the main shaft, coupling, bearing and bearing housing.
This type is the whole type air cooling bearing housing.
There are four Sensors installation points on the top of bearing housing, used for installing temperature sensors and vibration sensors.
This is the oil filling hole, oil discharge hole. You can inspection the oil level through the oil window.
The main shaft adopting high quality carbon steel.
The bearing selecting high Chinese leading brand( or by customer requirement),
Here is the fan’s coupling , coupling guard.

Using system base, easy for installation and adjust.

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