Saturday, September 27, 2014

CCD rice color sorter and optoelectronic rice color sorter which is good

The characteristics and advantages of the CCD rice color sorter is better than that of the photodiode 2.1 color CCD color sorter
(1) the smallest flaw resolution determines the recognition: CCD (2048pixel:0.15mm) resolution is far greater than the resolution of photoelectric diode.
(2) the lens determines the number of installed on the machine barrel background
meiya rice color sorter
and consistency requirements: precision machining requirements of the machine is high.
(3) coupling mode signal determines the photodiode color sorter debugging requirements higher position on background board, AC coupling will rely heavily on background board, DC coupling on background board to
For very low.
(4) trough photodiode color sorting machine can only be applied road, limiting its scope of application of different materials, and if you want to modify the trough, machine barrel, lenses are to be repaired
2.2 system of simple structure, convenient assembly, low failure rate.
2.3 developed by the camera, the signal dynamic range is bigger, it improves the recognition rate of color.
2.4 can dynamically adjust the gain and adjustable sampling rate, applicable to a variety of materials, such as color selection, small color difference, color dark material.
2.5 key components are imported products, such as solenoid valves (Italy matrix), a cylinder (Japan SMC) etc..
2.6 system architecture with FPGA+DSP, the algorithm using multi information fusion technology, improves the performance of the system.
Independent intellectual property rights 2.7 complete, convenient upgrade and fault handling.(view more:


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