Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why high pressure fan produced vibration and large volume of noise?

Rotor imbalance is a common problem in rotating machinery, also a main problem that causes rotor system breakdown. As a main component in High pressure fan, once the rotor imbalance will increase the system vibration and noise, bearing damage, foundation loose, main shaft breakage even the rotor will disintegrate, and probably will cause surrounding equipment damage or the safety of nearby personnel threatens. Need to pay more attention when High pressure fan conveying dust and corrosive gases because they will wear or corrosive the vane of High pressure fan and direct cause the rotor imbalance. Vibration and noise produce mean is an early signal for imbalance of impeller rotor. So, need to detect it regularly, record, compare vibration and noise values, advance check and exclude rotor unbalance fault. If repairing unbalanced rotor, firstly should remove the vane attachments or repair vanes and then correct the balancing.
High pressure fan

During the manufacturing process of the High pressure fan system, rotor dynamic balancing and running tests is an important measure to detect the stability of fan and safe operation. Balancing test and calibration work should carry out on the weight, diameter and speed of rotor to match the dynamic balancing equipment. Running tests should also be carrying out under the fan operating speed. Some blower manufacturers are using equipment that does not match the rotor balancing test or no running the test after the fan assembly is completed. These practices are not guaranteed the rotor fan system under balancing and reliability.

SIMO BLOWER has seven different specifications balancing machines, can meet the weight of 15~40000Kg, 300~5000mm diameter of rotor balancing. The accuracy of balancing can be achieved to AMCA standards. When the fan is running the test, SIMO BLOWER will detect at least eight different locations of vibration values to ensure that each blower are reliable, and only full compliance with quality standards will delivered to clients. This responsible attitude gained widespread recognition of clients.

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