Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rear independent Truck Air Conditioner process,do you understand me

Vehicle rear independent Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner refers to the rear seats can be used with front-row seats, set a different temperature control air volume size. Some luxury cars, in order to accommodate the rear passengers, added the rear independent Truck Air Conditioner, its outlet location in back of the front seat Central armrest, front seat, roof, columns b and c pillars and other locations. Work on it, you know?
Life, at least on some high-end cars, in order to satisfy members of the car at different locations on different requirements for vehicle air temperature, often divide the Interior into several separate temperature zones, individual temperature can be adjusted for different temperatures.
Rear independent Truck Air Conditioner works via a sensor monitoring air quality and odor in the car, when the system thinks the in-car air pollution exceeding the standard system first command after using extracorporeal circulation in order to breathe fresh air of Truck Air Conditioner system. Fresh air after inhaling a adds made of grape seed polyphenol filter to filter out pollen, odors and allergens.
Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner

then,is within humidity sensors through the interior rear-view mirror to adjust the Truck Air Conditioner window fog detecting the dehumidifying mode to avoid the air is too dry, this feature is only available to monitor humidity and adjust the Truck Air Conditioner, dehumidification mode, do not have a humidifying function. Filtered out in the fresh air through the ducts to center console equipped with ethanol the green leaves and fragrant wood spices unit, it will put some air into the trees and the natural aroma of the leaves.
When final, is that when the air reaches the air, giving plenty of negative ions and negative ion generator when mixed with air. End system based on the amount of sunlight and air temperature outside the car, imitating the natural air flow patterns and frequencies to blow air into the cockpit, creating a cosy feel in walking through the forest.
If the system detects an external air is bad will, like other automatic Truck Air Conditioner automatically switches to the recurrence pattern. Switch Truck Air Conditioner filters and negative oxygen ion generator can still filter and purify the air inside the car, is also one of its major features.
The purpose of the system is through the wind as well as aromatic air flow allowing the occupants to extricate overstretched State, keep a clear head, into the relaxed state of concentration and high concentration.

2.Auto Truck Air Conditioner usage notes

Function mainly refrigeration and Truck Air Conditioner ventilation function, addition, Truck Air Conditioner there is mist function. Driving during the rainy season, the windscreen inner-prone by water mist. Fog, seriously blocking the driver's view, holding a towel kept clean, there is trouble on the glass, very convenient. At this point by pressing start Truck Air Conditioner A/C switch, and then start the fan, press the mist switch, blowing towards the windshield, will soon disappear in the mists on the windscreen. In addition, Truck Air Conditioner control board there are several buttons are used to change the air flow direction, you can choose to blow to the upper body or foot.
Effect of Truck Air Conditioner and refrigeration and clean the fins of the condenser ... To clean the dust from the condenser fins. In addition, the evaporator is aimed directly at car hair dryer which pureness of the inlet is directly related to occupant health. Pay attention to timely replacement of Truck Air Conditioner filter, if your air conditioner filter does not change for a long time, it absorbed more and more dust, and may be inhaled Truck Air Conditioner fan compartment, impact on occupant health.
Auto Truck Air Conditioner with manual control and automatic control in two ways. Former on the air conditioner control panel has a temperature adjustment knob, adjust the knob to adjust the temperature, a Truck Air Conditionerr you do not need to manually adjust, automatic recirculated air and the temperature inside the vehicle compartment, keep the cabin when the change in ambient air quality the air quality. The system can automatically control the temperature, wind speed and air flow. As long as the preset temperature, and wind speed and air flow mode is set to "AUTO" (automatic) mode, the system will automatically select the outlet location and speed, and will be adjusted according to changes in the environment at any time.
General 1. 3 l or more displacement of car air-conditioning effect can, but some less than 1 litre or 1 litre of minivans, conditioning effect due to low engine power is not satisfactory, or even turn on the air conditioner walked part of the way the water boiling phenomenon occurs, especially on a hot summer day. But regardless of the solution, Truck Air Conditionernerditioning maintenance is essential.


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