Monday, June 16, 2014

Low-voltage transfer trolley

Low-voltage transfer trolley controlled pressurisation system works through the ground, 380V power supply (three-phase or single-phase) voltage safety voltage down to 36V. Power feed to the conductor rail (conductor rail track of doubles as a car), the flat conductive device will step-up transformer low voltage sent to the car, drag the step-up to 380V three-phase or single-phase capacitor motors, drive cars to move.

Low-voltage transfer trolley products have excellent insulation, temperature resistance, earthquake-resistant, anti-aging, energy-saving performance, technically advanced foreign technology, combining the trolley line to market conditions. the company has a large number of high-tech cutting edge technical personnel.
Company and provide one-stop installation service, sales-oriented, adhere to the credibility first, quality first is our consistent principle.
Main products:transfer trolley, electric cars, electric vehicles, tourist vehicles, electric cars, ladle car.

1, motor control: high frequency control system, extended service life
2, motor: supporting high-quality high-load series DC motor, ensure that the vehicle has a good resistance to overload and excellent constant speed performance;

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