Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forecast and analysis of medium-voltage explosion-proof fans prospects

As a chemical machinery business, to be achieved impressive results in the market, we also have ten years of trying. Only towards the wave of technology in society, development of sophisticated direction in order to meet food requirements. For enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, improving the level of packaging and technology is necessary for future development. Only this can meet the needs of development of food packaging in order to conform to the trend of the times.
Medium-voltage explosion-proof fans the prospect of
raising the level of economic development, people's safety and quality of chemical machinery requirements have become more sophisticated, which put forward higher requirements for the packaging, chemical machinery industry would develop in the future? According to industry analysts, chemical machinery can be further developed, the market has changed dramatically. But on mechanical industry can lock big market is not is a easy of thing, from now economic of development mode in the we can feel to, now of market development very fast, in this fast development of social in the, each industry on modernization of packaging machine equipment also very of concern, in food packaging machine Shang has constantly innovation, constantly of update, in mass and volume of changes in the constantly of ushered in new of development opportunities, in social of development in the constantly of encountered problem solution problem, Food packaging machine to meet and resolve problems grow into new trends in the changing, led the development of further on the packaging machine sector. For an enterprise that has a good reputation can bring unexpected harvest to the enterprise and the developing trend of enterprises can be improved, both in production and sales can get exact interest and help. So the food packaging machinery companies to spend a lot of time and effort, and build credibility. Explosion-proof fanperformance parameters, the more important is delivery of the gas flow, pressure, power, efficiency and speed of impeller, this is must pay close attention during the selection process. Air compressors in gas flow parameters represent the fan in the unit time to handle the volume of a gas, medium voltage the fan pressure is pressure fan working process, the internal gas pressure value. Medium-pressure fan efficiency refers to the pressure fan in shaft power of the ratio between the actual processing and the effective power of the gas. At present, the full pressure of the centrifugal fan efficiency in about 90%, and in the future development of centrifugal fan, efficiency will be the researchers further one of the objectives pursued.

High-voltage explosion-proof fans energy saving direction of
energy-saving and emission reduction is a focus of national Twelve-Five planning, developing direction is our Tag Heuer Crown so that high pressure air is more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly wind unremitting pursuit! Specific to the high pressure air, is there a way to keep our high pressure fan during use more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly?
According to the theory of hydrodynamics, the flow of gas will be accompanied by losses. For example, air pressure the gas flows through the throttle device will be reduced, which is the useful work they lost high pressure fan. Due to all this is in the process of high pressure air gas transportation, namely high pressure fan energy is wasted. Air mechanic operating point is fan performance curve at a certain speed and intersection of pipe network resistance characteristics.

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