Friday, June 13, 2014

Electric transfer cart structure introduction

Electric transfer cart, shop cross-car is an electric rail transport vehicles within the plant, simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, the advantages of large carrying capacity, does not pollute the environment. Widely used in machinery manufacture, shipbuilding, car manufacturing and steel enterprises, cross-tie traffic transport heavy loads in the workshop for being used.
KPD series is 36V~24V low-voltage track-powered electric car.
KPD series electric altitude, easy strengthening, modification and easy maintenance.
KPD series low 36V~24V track of the electric power supply is summarized in the KPT series designed for the creation of products, without cable, safe, without prejudice to cross ship, the implementation of remote control and automation, you can bend, stoop, or even a side road running long distances, provide favorable conditions for the rationalization of the transport of plant layout. As shown in Figure 1

Architecture overview:
General layout and frame
KPD series electric layout as shown in Figure 1, consists of frame, gear, gear, continuous buffered device, electric devices, electrical equipment.  
Gear reducer for axle type, placed in one end of the transfer cart, easy to Assembly loading and viewing, so no set view blank, from manhole covers to their weight placement restrictions and ease of modification. Countertop overlay Rails, wooden planks, install the u-shaped rack, stationary vessels, and so on. 
Frame is a frame structure, due to the crossbar eight hosted such structures tie round the pole bearing the flat table height a lot. To make the car more stable, secure, easy to ship. Operation mode button switch truck operations. 
KPD series transfer cart, single phase (or three) before and after each of the two supplied conductive device, fixed on the crossbar, sliding conductive in orbit. As shown in Figure 1 (three-phase low-voltage power supply in front and one in the middle and a conductive device). 
Established a contiguous buffer before and after. Rubber buffer, pretend we need pins in a row either horizontal or vertical position.

Wheel and through
insulated the wheels after the KPD series electric transfer cars can use two pieces of rail as a two phase conductor rail. 
Wheel by means of a pole bearing seat stuck on the frame under the beam positioning plate and fixed with four bolts per side between location and housing with rubber pads to cushion the impact. 
Such type of housing to reduce the ride height, lateral stability loading capacity can be strengthened, axles, frame favor. 
Covering and poles bearing cap spigot-and-neck with two mounted on the same side of the higher and higher to enable easy positioning of the bearing. Low and low mounted on the same side, the bearing convenient for swimming. Wheel size allows the wheel flange wear

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