Monday, May 26, 2014

Vending Locators, Especially Candy Machine Locators, Must Think Like Kids

Candy Machine locators, particularly candy machine locators and gumball machine locators have to know and understand kids very well in order to do their job. Consider the fact that a Candy Machine locator must locate every machine he places twice. He must first find the Candy Machine location, the physical business or recreational area etc. where his client's machine will be located. Then he must find the best Candy Machine location within the building or play area etc. where his client operates his business.
A Candy Machine locator who gets either the type of business wrong or who places his client's machine in the wrong place inside the business, can be limiting his client's revenue rather than maximizing it. The better a vending locator understands who will use his client's machine, and where his potential consumers will look for one, the better job he will do for his client and the more money his client will make from his vending route and the more likely his client will both be able and inclined to buy more machines and pay the vending locator to find more locations.
So if a Candy Machine locator is able to think like a kid himself still, he has a distinct advantage in both deciding the types of Candy Machine business locations he is looking for especially for the heavy use kids machines like candy and gumball machines and even in deciding where to place the candy or gumball type machines inside the location. Further, the more accustomed he becomes to crouching down and visualizing businesses from the three and four foot vantage points of younger children the easier it is to spot the best candy machine locations inside a business.
Both candy machine locations and gumball machines are more popular among younger children and the best venues for candy machine locators to seek out are often businesses where parents frequent these locations in order to enjoy themselves. They bring the kids because these businesses recognize they need to offer diversions for the kids as well.
A game room in a popular restaurant would be a good example. The experienced vending locator realizes there will be too much competition in a bowling alley or a kids theme restaurant to be a likely venue for his client unless he has a serious special offer in order to attempt to replace some other vending locator's machines.
Experienced vending locators often concentrate on finding secondary Candy Machine locations during their travels every bit as hard as determining the primary locations because often the only way to get your choice primary candy machine location is by placing a secondary combination or gumball machine where the business owner thinks it would look best or get the most activity.

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