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SIMO BLOWER Will Attend 2015 Exponor Chile Mine Equipment And Machinery Exhibition

SIMO BLOWER will attend 2015 exponor Chile mine equipment and machinery exhibition by the invitation of the South America agent. Fan specific information is as follows:
As we are seeing is one high volume fan/large air capacity centrifugal fan, which use the belt driven type. It used in cement production line, dust collector system, industrial boiler system and others industrial systems. It is included casing group, rotor group, driving group, electric motor and system base. It equipped with air damper, Electric actuator and Siemens motor according to customer’s requirement.
This part is the fan’s case. we add the ribs on the surface. Can greatly strengthen the casing’s structure strength.
All of the SIMO blower’s welding lines are with external weld, can avoid reduce the structure strength caused by wear and corrosion of the casing inside.
Now we see is the core part of the centrifugal fan--impeller. This type fan adopt the backward blades, which with low noise and high efficiency. Normally, we use the High strength low alloy steel, also can select the stainless steel or other special steels according to the working conditions. SIMO Blower’s Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, meet the AMCA standard, fan runs very stable.
Now we seeing is the fan’s driving group, included the main shaft, bearing and bearing housing. This type is the whole type air cooling bearing housing. There are four sensors installation points on the top of the bearing, can be used to install the temperature and vibration sensors, monitoring the temperature and vibration value of the bearing in the process of fan running.
Sealing board at joint of casing and main shaft, can prevent gas leakage, ensure the fan output performance.
The main shaft adopt high-strength alloy steel.
Selecting high International leading bearing brand FAG, SKF, also can according to the customer’s requirement.
Here is the fan’s driving part, including belt, belt pulley and belt guard.
Here is the motor, SIMO Blower will select the suitable high efficiency energy saving motor according to the site condition. Such as the high temperature motor, explosion-proof motor, high altitude motor, variable frequency motor. Also can by customer’s requirement. This is the Siemens motor.
Using system base, easy for installation and adjust.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

SIMO BLOWER, High Pressure Centrifugal Fan’s Expert!

Here is the finished product warehouse. As we are seeing is one high pressure centrifugal fan, which use the coupling driven type. This fans are mainly used in cement production, dust collector system, industrial boiler system and others industrial systems.  This fan is one boiler forced draft fan . It is included casing group, rotor group, driving group, electric motor and system base.

This part is the fan’s casing group.
By the way, we can add the pipe reducer in the inlet and outlet, which can applicable to different sizes of the pipe systems.
We add the protective screen for the safety.

Now we see is the core art of the centrifugal fan--impeller. SIMO’s high pressure fan adopt the forward blades. Normally, we use the High strength low alloy steel, also can select the stainless steel or other special steels according to the working conditions.

SIMO Blower’s Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, meet the AMCA standard. ensuring stable running of fan.

All of the SIMO blower’s welding lines are with external weld, can avoid reduce the structure strength caused by wear and corrosion of the casing inside.

We add ribs on the surface of the case to improve the casing’s structure strength.

Sealing board at joint of casing and main shaft, can prevent gas leakage.

Here is the motor, SIMO Blower will select the motor according to the site condition. Such as the high temperature motor, high altitude motor, explosion-proof motor, variable frequency motor. Of course, can by customer’s requirement. This is the China brand variable frequency motor.

Now we seeing is the fan’s driving group, included the main shaft, coupling, bearing and bearing housing.
This type is the whole type air cooling bearing housing.
There are four Sensors installation points on the top of bearing housing, used for installing temperature sensors and vibration sensors.
This is the oil filling hole, oil discharge hole. You can inspection the oil level through the oil window.
The main shaft adopting high quality carbon steel.
The bearing selecting high Chinese leading brand( or by customer requirement),
Here is the fan’s coupling , coupling guard.

Using system base, easy for installation and adjust.

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Belt Conveyor History

The industrial revolution in the 20th century that incorporated both traditional production lines and mining companies were brought to the forefront by the belt conveyor. This simply system revolutionized how many different industries manufactured products and how mining companies processed their coal or ore as well.
Understanding the history of this particular invention means first knowing what it is and how it works. This is arguably one of the most overlooked benefits our industrialized world and yet it is still being used in many different businesses today in different types of capacities.
What is a Belt Conveyor?
The belt conveyor system is that of a conveyor belt that is being rotated by two or more pulleys or drums. The effect is that an endless loop is being created which allows for the movement of materials on the belt itself. In essence, the direction of the movement will dictate where the items will be travelling. The belt conveyor system is used in a myriad of industries and generally has two classifications, material and bulk material handling.
Material handling would be akin to moving boxes inside a manufacturing center so that they are transported to where they are needed. Bulk material handling is for transporting large amounts of materials such as agricultural or minerals that are being removed or relocated to another place. Most belts are crafted from rubber and PVC materials to provide long lasting strength
You can find these devices in production houses, mining companies and in everyday buildings as well. Elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks all use the same basic technology that was developed over a century ago. From grocery stores to ski lodges and more, you will find a moving belt that brings all types of items, objects and people to places they want to go.
Fixed Belt Conveyor

The History of the Belt Conveyor
Although the principle of belt conveyor systems is very straightforward in nature, the actual use of these systems did not rise until the late 19th century. Thomas Robins starting in 1892 created a series of belt conveyors that was used for carrying ores, coal and other products that were mined. By the turn of the 20th Century, a belt conveyor manufacturer named Sandvik invented steel conveyor belts which help progress the design.
However, it was Richard Sutcliffe in 1905 who first invented belt conveyor systems for coal mines which marked a major turning point in the industry. Henry Ford followed that invention by utilizing conveyor belts for his Ford Motor Company in 1913 which revolutionized the auto industry.
By this time belt conveyors were being used around the world for a wide variety of industries which helped increase production levels. One of the most interesting advancements was the Turnover Conveyor Belt System created by B.F. Goodrich which put in a half-twist to the belt so that both sides could be evenly exposed and thus greatly extend the life of the belt.
All in all, belt conveyor manufacturer companies are creating new products all the time based on the original, classic design. For many who either produce or mine for products, this form of conveyance is the most important mechanical aspect of their production.
Belt conveyor manufacturer information:http://www.tianlongconveyor.com/

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CCD rice color sorter and optoelectronic rice color sorter which is good

The characteristics and advantages of the CCD rice color sorter is better than that of the photodiode 2.1 color CCD color sorter
(1) the smallest flaw resolution determines the recognition: CCD (2048pixel:0.15mm) resolution is far greater than the resolution of photoelectric diode.
(2) the lens determines the number of installed on the machine barrel background
meiya rice color sorter
and consistency requirements: precision machining requirements of the machine is high.
(3) coupling mode signal determines the photodiode color sorter debugging requirements higher position on background board, AC coupling will rely heavily on background board, DC coupling on background board to
For very low.
(4) trough photodiode color sorting machine can only be applied road, limiting its scope of application of different materials, and if you want to modify the trough, machine barrel, lenses are to be repaired
2.2 system of simple structure, convenient assembly, low failure rate.
2.3 developed by the camera, the signal dynamic range is bigger, it improves the recognition rate of color.
2.4 can dynamically adjust the gain and adjustable sampling rate, applicable to a variety of materials, such as color selection, small color difference, color dark material.
2.5 key components are imported products, such as solenoid valves (Italy matrix), a cylinder (Japan SMC) etc..
2.6 system architecture with FPGA+DSP, the algorithm using multi information fusion technology, improves the performance of the system.
Independent intellectual property rights 2.7 complete, convenient upgrade and fault handling.(view more:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIVVE-3mue0)


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why high pressure fan produced vibration and large volume of noise?

Rotor imbalance is a common problem in rotating machinery, also a main problem that causes rotor system breakdown. As a main component in High pressure fan, once the rotor imbalance will increase the system vibration and noise, bearing damage, foundation loose, main shaft breakage even the rotor will disintegrate, and probably will cause surrounding equipment damage or the safety of nearby personnel threatens. Need to pay more attention when High pressure fan conveying dust and corrosive gases because they will wear or corrosive the vane of High pressure fan and direct cause the rotor imbalance. Vibration and noise produce mean is an early signal for imbalance of impeller rotor. So, need to detect it regularly, record, compare vibration and noise values, advance check and exclude rotor unbalance fault. If repairing unbalanced rotor, firstly should remove the vane attachments or repair vanes and then correct the balancing.
High pressure fan

During the manufacturing process of the High pressure fan system, rotor dynamic balancing and running tests is an important measure to detect the stability of fan and safe operation. Balancing test and calibration work should carry out on the weight, diameter and speed of rotor to match the dynamic balancing equipment. Running tests should also be carrying out under the fan operating speed. Some blower manufacturers are using equipment that does not match the rotor balancing test or no running the test after the fan assembly is completed. These practices are not guaranteed the rotor fan system under balancing and reliability.

SIMO BLOWER has seven different specifications balancing machines, can meet the weight of 15~40000Kg, 300~5000mm diameter of rotor balancing. The accuracy of balancing can be achieved to AMCA standards. When the fan is running the test, SIMO BLOWER will detect at least eight different locations of vibration values to ensure that each blower are reliable, and only full compliance with quality standards will delivered to clients. This responsible attitude gained widespread recognition of clients.

Monday, July 21, 2014

25Ton hydraulic grab the production procedure

hydraulic grabHydraulic grab thorough usage electrical hydraulic machines advanced modern technology, comprehending force, higher level of automation, is the ideal tool for packing and dumping the lump ore, porker iron, junk steel, waste, iron powder, straw, slag and all other materials. It is generally used to the steel, mining, forestry, mining, port terminals, scrap, waste disposal, acquisition of biomass power generation industry.

Snatch hydraulic shutoff compact structure, stunning look, electricity conserving and convenient function, according to the various choice of various sectors and the usage of occasions and get hold of materials into, gripper is separated into
a plurality of shutoff and 2 valve. (multi valve is composed of circular and rectangular, the bucket is shut, half open and open papers).

Hydraulic grab
The 25T hydraulic orange peel grab pail is provided with a retractable roofing system framework, drive hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic grab bucket is composed of a plurality of jaw plate is also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic grab in hydraulic tools utilized widely, such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic lifting tower.

Unique hydraulic excavator grab includes revolving and non revolving grab 2, without utilizing oil container cyndrical tube rotating excavator, no have to include hydraulic valve and pipe; grab take resort to include one set of hydraulic shutoff and pipe to manage.

Excavator hydraulic grab applications:.

Filling Pit
1, the structure structure pit excavation and mining, coal, mud, sand, gravel.
One side of the
2, is specifically relevant to ditch or of restricted room. The excavating and packing.
3, applicable to the ship, train, car handling.
(two) the mechanical grab.

Mechanical grab itself has no configuration retracting framework, generally made of rope or pole external drive.

1, the rope grab.
(1) double rope grab, double wire grab;.
(2) four rope grab, get 4 wire;.
(3) the open type dual grab, solitary cable goal open kind grab solitary cord.
15cbm hydraulic orange peel grab for mass ship concerns the hydraulic framework of products, by the hydraulic cylinder, pail (mandible), connection column, container, pail cover ear plate, tooth, tooth seat and other components, so the welding process is making hydraulic grab the trick, the welding high quality straight impact the architectural toughness and life span of hydraulic grab. In addition the hydraulic cyndrical tube is the most important driving components.

Hydraulic grab is a dedicated devices market devices, unique equipment needed to higher effectiveness, high quality functions, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, beveling side mincing machine, flexing device, welding equipment, tiring machine, hydraulic examination rig.

Radio remote control grab Intro The advantage of making use of instructions and precautions

raido remote control grab is one kind does not require outside energy, automatic closing on the data pile, novel bulk grab could instantly open up any kind of position airborne. It has not simply the rope grab has the advantages of easy structure, trusted, and has the features of high power performance grab filling and discharging. The grab as a new method of electromechanical assimilation and welcomed by users. raido remote control grab was birthed to reword the reduced effectiveness of single rope grab in hoisting. Snatch crane is basic to make use of, require not provided with all other auxiliary gadget, could be utilized in the container hanging hook or container spreader. At present a multitude of used in port mass and container, mass.

raido remote control grab benefits
(1) the crane does not should be outfitted with any sort of additional equipment, direct will get hold of associateded with the crane hook can work;.
(2) the grab has the benefits of straightforward structure, hydraulic and electrical device elements is reasonably little, simple to repair, seagoing use;.
(3) could be opened grab at any sort of position, higher performance;.
(4) both opening and closing cyndrical tube has great cushioning, get nearly no effect, lengthy life span;.
(5) closed grab, mostly all of the telescopic part is pulled back state, not simple to rust.

raido remote control grab instructions.

1 grab please read just before utilizing two battery totally charged, it can generally enough power reserve, but the battery full cost after storage for 3 months, should once more charging power to prolong the solution life of the battery group.
2 the electric battery into the electric battery compartment pail, plugged in.
3 before usage, activate the power button, hang around 1 minutes, electronic control device can begin job.
4 closed grab automatic control system, when the have to open up the grab, press the push-button control of any instructions key, happy don't lengthy time button.
5 after the completion of the work, please switch off the power switch on time.

raido remote control grab attention.

No tools for a very long time, take out the electric battery. Without the electric battery for a very long time, kindly keep the battery complete state put.
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Electric transfer cart industry developments and future directions

(by transfer cart supplier:http://www.chinarailcart.com/products/befanby-transfer-cart.html)
Experienced a baptism of the 2012 financial crisis, Taiwan's electric industry has experienced a slow and heavy metamorphosis. But we believe that in the next 3-5 year, China electric industry development Summit will usher in economic terms and the technical level. At this stage, China's transfer cart industry suppliers greater innovation and progress will have been made in order to adapt to the changing national and international. And the country's future economic situation is relatively good, making Chinese enterprises still have a certain financial strength, which will still have the ability to have a strong investment in research and development. So some time in the future, enterprise technology, the introduction of talent will become more important, electric industry will get more and better development in the long run.
transfer cart industry in the future will have a succession of technological innovations, and will produce more suitable for various occasions and special work environments may be used for various types of transfer carts. Enable producers to get more comprehensive innovations in technology and production, and better meet the changing needs, it is also a challenge to the transfer cart industry, but also a new seven-point.

Rear independent Truck Air Conditioner process,do you understand me

Vehicle rear independent Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner refers to the rear seats can be used with front-row seats, set a different temperature control air volume size. Some luxury cars, in order to accommodate the rear passengers, added the rear independent Truck Air Conditioner, its outlet location in back of the front seat Central armrest, front seat, roof, columns b and c pillars and other locations. Work on it, you know?
Life, at least on some high-end cars, in order to satisfy members of the car at different locations on different requirements for vehicle air temperature, often divide the Interior into several separate temperature zones, individual temperature can be adjusted for different temperatures.
Rear independent Truck Air Conditioner works via a sensor monitoring air quality and odor in the car, when the system thinks the in-car air pollution exceeding the standard system first command after using extracorporeal circulation in order to breathe fresh air of Truck Air Conditioner system. Fresh air after inhaling a adds made of grape seed polyphenol filter to filter out pollen, odors and allergens.
Battery Powered Truck Air Conditioner

then,is within humidity sensors through the interior rear-view mirror to adjust the Truck Air Conditioner window fog detecting the dehumidifying mode to avoid the air is too dry, this feature is only available to monitor humidity and adjust the Truck Air Conditioner, dehumidification mode, do not have a humidifying function. Filtered out in the fresh air through the ducts to center console equipped with ethanol the green leaves and fragrant wood spices unit, it will put some air into the trees and the natural aroma of the leaves.
When final, is that when the air reaches the air, giving plenty of negative ions and negative ion generator when mixed with air. End system based on the amount of sunlight and air temperature outside the car, imitating the natural air flow patterns and frequencies to blow air into the cockpit, creating a cosy feel in walking through the forest.
If the system detects an external air is bad will, like other automatic Truck Air Conditioner automatically switches to the recurrence pattern. Switch Truck Air Conditioner filters and negative oxygen ion generator can still filter and purify the air inside the car, is also one of its major features.
The purpose of the system is through the wind as well as aromatic air flow allowing the occupants to extricate overstretched State, keep a clear head, into the relaxed state of concentration and high concentration.

2.Auto Truck Air Conditioner usage notes

Function mainly refrigeration and Truck Air Conditioner ventilation function, addition, Truck Air Conditioner there is mist function. Driving during the rainy season, the windscreen inner-prone by water mist. Fog, seriously blocking the driver's view, holding a towel kept clean, there is trouble on the glass, very convenient. At this point by pressing start Truck Air Conditioner A/C switch, and then start the fan, press the mist switch, blowing towards the windshield, will soon disappear in the mists on the windscreen. In addition, Truck Air Conditioner control board there are several buttons are used to change the air flow direction, you can choose to blow to the upper body or foot.
Effect of Truck Air Conditioner and refrigeration and clean the fins of the condenser ... To clean the dust from the condenser fins. In addition, the evaporator is aimed directly at car hair dryer which pureness of the inlet is directly related to occupant health. Pay attention to timely replacement of Truck Air Conditioner filter, if your air conditioner filter does not change for a long time, it absorbed more and more dust, and may be inhaled Truck Air Conditioner fan compartment, impact on occupant health.
Auto Truck Air Conditioner with manual control and automatic control in two ways. Former on the air conditioner control panel has a temperature adjustment knob, adjust the knob to adjust the temperature, a Truck Air Conditionerr you do not need to manually adjust, automatic recirculated air and the temperature inside the vehicle compartment, keep the cabin when the change in ambient air quality the air quality. The system can automatically control the temperature, wind speed and air flow. As long as the preset temperature, and wind speed and air flow mode is set to "AUTO" (automatic) mode, the system will automatically select the outlet location and speed, and will be adjusted according to changes in the environment at any time.
General 1. 3 l or more displacement of car air-conditioning effect can, but some less than 1 litre or 1 litre of minivans, conditioning effect due to low engine power is not satisfactory, or even turn on the air conditioner walked part of the way the water boiling phenomenon occurs, especially on a hot summer day. But regardless of the solution, Truck Air Conditionernerditioning maintenance is essential.

High pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan innovation,impact on the packaging machinery industry!

High pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan is sucking air and double features. High pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan and increase packaging productivity, is a core component of packaging machinery, packaging machinery is able to comply with the packaging industry development trends, is undeniable. Especially in the packaging machinery in the product innovation should not be delayed a crucial period,high pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan innovation also plays a huge role!
High pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan

Although China's packaging industry has huge development space, but from the development of the industry and market demand, backward technology and obsolete equipment are restricting the development of enterprises. The overall level of packaging machine for many businesses are still substandard, not manufacturing leading equipment and can not meet the market demand. Due to lack of advanced technology, so many products are imported from overseas, which greatly speeds up the pace of development of China's packaging industry, narrowing the gap between packaging industry in China and developing countries, but too dependent on foreign dependence on foreign technology and equipment, it is detrimental to the overall improvement of the technical level of China's packaging industry, is not conducive to the development of its intellectual property. And China packaging machinery is highly competitive, if we want to have more room for development, it is necessary to open up overseas markets and seek new development. Consistently to stable development, occupy domestic and foreign markets, China packaging machinery also needs to continue to improve. Development of new products and technological innovation, independent research and development, powerful combination.
Therefore, in order to meet the real demand of packaging machinery, packaging machinery requires the improvement of their own skills and introducing high-quality core components to achieve the transformation. For example, the core components of high pressure air quality will affect the quality of the whole packaging machinery, once, a quality problem, not only parts but overall mechanical problems would have multiple adverse consequences to the enterprise. Quality is guaranteed by high pressure Industrial Centrifugal Fan, in improving the overall quality of packaging machinery and mechanical credibility is recognized by the user as a whole! so, at the time of introduction of the core components to do long-term considerations. For packaging machinery, in particular, to optimize the industrial structure, enhance the capability of independent innovation, technological innovations and improved quality of core components, will be its development trend in the future! Through packaging machinery and other relevant enterprises to continue their efforts, in metrology, manufacturing of packaging machinery, technical aspects of performance will be achieved no success! Will promote the positive development of the whole packaging industry chain!